Friday, 25 December 2015

Review: A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson!

A Healing Heart (Riverview Series #1)


A Healing Heart is the first book in the Riverview series by Melissa A. Hanson. It follows Bailey, a girl whose family was killed in a car accident two years ago. She now lives with her aunt and uncle, and the nightmares never stop. 

Until this one day, when she accidentally runs into Collin.

Collin is determined to change her life forever and make her realise that living is worth everything.

I want to start this review with a very big thank-you to the author for sending me a review copy of this novel. 

This novel was an enjoyable read, but I would have liked it to be less fast-paced in order to be more realistic and easy to relate to.

I liked the characters but I couldn't really connect to them because I didn't get the chance to fully know them. However, I definitely felt reading this novel, from frustration to sadness.

I think Bailey's past was revealed too soon. The author could have kept the intrigue up until we had got the chance to know the characters and their background better.

Her relationship with Collin was rushed as well and I would have liked to see it slowly growing and become something memorable. I enjoyed the drama surrounding their relationship, the misunderstandings, how they seemed to be forced to take different paths... It was very easy and light hearted to read. And Collin was really cute, for sure.

Though there was a lot of drama involving tears and broken hearts, the fact that the story was everything but slow made it easier to go through.

Most of the situations the characters were put in were typical and very used in contemporary stories, so I think any fanatic of that genre would enjoy this story.

The thing I have had to think the most about is the ending. I am still not sure about how I feel towards it. I think I would have ended it differently if I was the author. But, I still enjoyed it. This novel's ending is pretty controversial and it is literally driving me crazy. Maybe I would not change it, but I would write a couple more detailed chapters. Yes, I like that.

I am excited about the second book in this series, A Healing Spirit, which follows Bailey's friend, Mia. In this first novel I didn't get to know her at all, so it kind of makes me excited to see how it goes for her. If it is written in the same style as A Healing Heart, I most likely will like it as much as I did this one.


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