Friday, 30 October 2015

The Maze Runner by James Dashner Book&Movie Review!


Thomas wakes up in a box. No, an elevator. When it opens up, he finds himself in The Glade, a place -surrounded by a gigantic maze- where a lot of boys live in. They all lost their memories when they got there, just like Thomas.

Now is the moment to find out why. Thomas, along with some of the other Gladers, and the girl who mysteriously arrived and delivered a terrifying message, try to find their way out.

I read this book a year ago, so I obviously don't remember it all. Still, I want to make a review on this book because it's very special to me. There's a story behind.

Last year, when I decided to celebrate my birthday, I didn't know what to do, so I decided to take my best friends to the cinema. The thing was, we didn't know what to watch. Going through the list of movies we could watch, I came across this one I'd heard things about some time ago: The Maze Runner. Right after I finished watching the trailer I was like: yo, we must watch that. And so, we did.

After watching the movie, I was blown away. I absolutely fell in love with the story and really felt a connection with the characters, so I decided to give a chance to the book.

What the hell. That's honestly what I was thinking throughout the whole book. Has the director even read the book? I was mad about some things not being included in the movie.

The book was good, and so was the movie. I really do not compare them much because, honestly, they have nothing to do with each other. They're two completely different stories and I don't think I could judge them altogether. However, I can honestly say that the movie is a hell of a great and entertaining one, but a very poor adaptation.

The book is creepy, captivating and really entertaining. It's not a dense book and you can make it through very easily and quickly, which is good. It leaves you wondering and wanting more, as if it was addicting. And it still surprised me tons of times even after I'd watched the film! I really, really enjoyed it.

The characters were very well defined and developed. I loved their personalities as individuals and the way they all worked together for things to work properly. I grew fond of some of them and it was hard reading awful things that were done to them.

The place where the book takes place absolutely terrifies me. It makes me feel trapped, and I have to stand up and applaud James Dashner for that. The Maze and the Glade are both very creepy and mysterious. I felt very unsafe throughout the whole novel. So, yes, well done! I actually included this book in my top 4 books that creeped me out.

About the movie, all I can say is wow. The actors did a really good job. I fell in love with Dylan O'Brien! But, let's keep this professional (sort of). The special effects were absolutely mind-blowing. You really feel like you're stuck in the Glade with them. Absolutely gorgeous.

I've watched it a couple of times already and I'm planning on watching it again, just because it's that good. 


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  1. Very interesting. I haven't seen the movie, which now is probably on Netflix, but I might take a look to see what you're talking about here. Thanks.