Friday, 2 October 2015

Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!


I really can't describe how much Fangirl made me feel. I felt completely connected with Cath, I completely understood her. I don't think there is a character I can relate more to than Cath. We are very much alike and I really felt the way she did towards every other character. I didn't dislike anything in this story because it was everything and more than I was expecting it to be. It's definitely one of my favourite books of all time. I'm so glad I read it.
Cath is a very special character and I don't think a fangirl could have been represented better. I, myself, am a fangirl and I understood everything she went through for Simon Snow. She writes fanfiction, and not just fanfiction,but gay fanfiction. I'm a huge fan of Larry Stylinson gay fanfiction so you have no idea how much I loved that aspect of the book.
I just love how realistic and relatable Rainbow Rowell's novels are. There's always something you can relate to and I think that's magical because you love a story more if you feel you're in it. And believe me, I was in Cath's dorm. 
There were a lot of sweet scenes and a lot of hilarious ones. I can't deny I laughed out loud more than once. It all was so authentic! Nothing forced or fast-paced, it was perfectly real and special. 
There is a great character development throughout the story and though I didn't notice it while I was reading the book, going through the first pages after reading it is unbelievable. 
In Fangirl, there is nothing missing and nothing unnecessary. A totally flawless story that will make you feel lost, found, in love and loved.


Let's start with Wren. I really liked her and found her very funny, though she annoyed me sometimes. I was actually glad when she got into the hospital because God, she had to learn a lesson.
I absolutely adored her relationship with Cath and how different they both are. I could totally understand Cath supporting her no matter what.
I really liked how the tables turned at the end, when Cath is the one who doesn't want to live with Wren because she already has a roommate.  
Reagan was hilarious. I loved her character so much and I loved how she acted towards Cath. I just really enjoyed her personality and how she dealt with things such as her ex boyfriend dating her roommate or facing the twins. That scene was so funny! What a great character!
Let's talk about Levi. Oh, my God, Levi. I am in love with that kid. He's the nicest person alive and he's so charming and lovely I just can't believe. I loved him from page one and I already thought he wasn't really dating Reagan. However, I did believe there had been something between them. 
He is a very funny character and I absolutely loved his personality. The way he always smiles and how he treats Cath... Ultimate goal, really.
This book is seriously so funny.I laughed a lot when Reagan was like "What the fuck is 'the fandom'?" because it actually happens to me a lot of times, so I could totally comprehend Cath and the very familiar situation.
Also, when Levi and Cath are talking about Levi's ranch and she wants to know how he ended up delivering calves and he said "Sometimes when a bull meets a cow, they decide to spend more time together-" I was in tears. It was so much fun to read!
My favourite scene in this novel is the one where Cath reads aloud for Levi and they end up cuddling and sleeping together. I was a humanised feel while I was reading that scene. I actually re-read it like three times. I literally love Levi and can't believe how cute he is. I was mad at Levi when Cath caught him making out with that girl at the party. I felt terribly betrayed.
I was heartbroken when he told her that "both of them" had been a mistake and I felt utterly sorry for Cath.
The amount of sweet scenes in this book make that awful scene worth it, though.
I really liked when he calls her sweetheart. "Goodnight, sweetheart", "Read to me, sweetheart".
"You know that I'm falling in love with you, right?" got me fangirling way too much. I really, really loved them.
Another scene that I literally loved is the one where they're in the car on their way to Cath's home and it's snowing. Levi being worried about Cath's safety is the reason I cried (thankfully, not literally. Almost, though).
Let's talk about Nick. I didn't like that boy and I was scared that he was going to be the one in the romantic relationship of the book. I just really like Levi and wanted him to be it.
What an awful character! He stole Cath's story and I was very mad. Well, guess what? Cath didn't take her credits and he didn't get it published. I was like, you go girl. He really deserved it.
I absolutely disliked Laura and the fact that she left Wren and Cath at such a young age. I could really feel for Cath when she blamed her for the things she didn't feel capable of doing. I disliked that woman with my entire soul.
On the other hand, I loved their dad. He is such a playful and funny character and I just really liked how much Cath cares about him.
About the fanfiction, well, I wasn' a huge fan of the story and I definitely wanted more romance in it, but it was great and I liked how easy it made Cath feel.
I was amazed by how greatly being a fan is represented in this book.
The ending got me in tears. Cath's story Left won an award and I felt infinitely proud of her and how she'd overcome her fear of creating. It was the best ending to this amazing book. It couldn't have ended differently


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