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Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover!


Sydney's boyfriend has cheated on her with her best friend and roommate, so when she finds out, she has nowhere to go but to her neighbour's flat. 
They get along very well and they even make music together. But what happens when music isn't the only thing keeping them together? 

I really don't have words to describe how this book made me feel. Overwhelmed, mesmerised... I fell in love with the characters along with them, and getting to listen to an actual soundtrack made it even better. I don't think I will ever get over the beauty of this book or if I will ever be able to feel the way I am feeling right now towards another book. Maybe Someday hit me too hard to forget just like that.The writing style was as stunning as any other Colleen Hoover novel.


I felt a huge connection with this book mostly because it is about music and music means a lot to me. I was very attached to both Ridge and Sydney because just like them I like playing the guitar and writing songs.It was very easy for me to get into this story because I felt their passion and interest in music.
I've always had a thing for boys who love music and dedicate to it, so Ridge is probably my perfect fictional boyfriend. I loved how sweet and caring he is and how passionate he is about his music. I felt just like Sydney when she saw him playing. I was left breathless more than once just by how real the whole situation was. 
I loved how Ridge needed to listen to his music and Sydney's singing and I loved how he did feel all of it. I enjoyed so much reading from Ridge's POV because it made me feel as if I was deaf too and couldn't listen to the things he wanted to listen. It was very frustrating. 
Every single time he wanted to feel Sydney's voice and put his ear on her chest I was amazed. I just felt so much for Ridge. Sydney's feelings are messed up and I could totally believe the way she was feeling. 
The way they handled their feelings was absolutely captivating. I enjoyed their struggle more than I should have. I loved how they wanted to kiss and love but they knew they couldn't. I love how they needed to say flaws so they would feel less tempted to kiss and love. But the thing I loved the most is how not even flaws could keep them from kissing and loving each other. 
I felt bad for Maggie but at the same time her presence sometimes annoyed me (obviously because I wanted Ridge to be with Sydney and only Sydney). She was nice and I absolutely adored the way she made Ridge see that they're better off without each other. I totally felt for her when she said she needed to live fully and I absolutely liked how they ended things.
Warren made me laugh out loud and that doesn't usually happen to me. I loved him. He was funny and I love funny characters. I can't wait to read his novella Maybe Not. 
His birthday party was absolutely hilarious. Sydney and Maggie being drunk was so funny!
When Warren, Ridge and Sydney were in the car on their way to the hospital the night Maggie got sick, I felt heartbroken because of they way Ridge held Sydney's hand and kissed it. I was heartbroken when Sydney read what Ridge had written on it. 
Ridge's deafness was a great and unique aspect of the book. It made the story different and beautiful. I enjoyed so much the ways he used to communicate with people. The constant texting with Sydney was very enjoyable, but when he spoke... oh, my God, when he spoke. I literally closed the book and waited some time before I kept reading because I was not ready. 
I got so much into the story that I actually got emotional when he first spoke. I had tears in my eyes because I knew his story and I knew how hard it was for him to speak. And he chose the perfect timing to do it. I loved that scene so much. 
When he wrote all over Sydney I was as fascinated as her. I loved how he kissed her wherever he put the pen. I felt so much love in that scene... it felt as if I was the one being kissed.
When he made her listen to his heartbeat I swear I held my breath. It was just so real! I never really understood that internal screaming feeling, but I totally experienced it when Ridge started writing Hold On To You. I cried a little too... Maybe it was a lot. 
But the scene I probably loved the most was the concert he made just for her to know he was sill there, waiting for her. Hold On To You is a beautiful, beautiful song that fit perfectly and I just wanted to kiss Ridge right then and there. 
The day a boy dedicates a song to me and does everything Ridge does for Sydney... That day I will no longer be single! 
The final scene was simply beautiful an sweet. I enjoyed it so much and could feel their love and their heartbeats. I love the importance of heartbeats in this story.

I really can't say anything other than 'I loved...' buy guys, this book just blew me away and stole a piece of me.

About the soundtrack... Wow. Just wow. I heard it and obsessed over it long before I first read the book, so reading and listening to them in the actual story made me see what the songs were all about. 

Griffin Peterson is my actual obsession and I cant wait to get his CDs on my hands. I just love the guy and I am so thankful that his beautiful voice was part of this amazing story. 


As I couldn't update my reading progress on Goodreads I wrote my thoughts throughout the book so you could know a bit better my opinion.

Page 30: I can't believe how much I like this book and I just started it. I can totally relate to Sydney and her passion for music and songwriting.
Page 98: Ridge is absolutely cute, I like him very much. Warren is hilarious. I am loving this story. 
Page 172: Oh, my God?! I love this book so much. Someone help me! I am so in love with Ridge I cant describe it. I just love everything about him. 
Page 222: I love their struggle. I love how they try to fight their feelings for each other. 
Page 262: Would you believe me if I told you I just closed the book because it is too painful and I'm not ready to HEAR Ridge SPEAK?
Page 335: oh, my God. I am too in love with Ridge. Hell, this is a GREAT book. Aaaaaah I feel like screaming!!! 
12.30am and i just finished Maybe Someday. The feels, man, the feeeeeels. 

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