Friday, 16 December 2016

Review: Dial Em For Murder by Marni Bates.

*Thank you, Merit Press, for the review copy.


Sixteen-year-old Emmy Danvers was just trying to write a halfway decent romance novel when a senile old man mumbled a cryptic warning, tackled her to the ground in the middle of Starbucks, and...died right on top of her.

Unfortunately for Emmy, the incident wasn't quite as random as she thought, and it turns out that the old man might have taken a bullet for her. Not only that, he slipped something into her pocket: a digital tablet containing secrets that she has no idea how to unlock, but that others are ready to kill for. Thrust into a world where nothing is as it seems, Emmy must try to track down her absentee father, deal with a flirtatious bad boy who may or may not be on her side, and, oh yeah, stay one step ahead of the killers lurking in the shadows of an exclusive prep school. The old man's parting advice to "trust nobody" doesn't sound so crazy after all....


In this book we get to know some really interesting characters trying to solve a totally unusual mystery. I mean, no one has ever tried to steal my Starbucks cup while I am writing a novel in a café, nor have I ever been pushed to the ground by an old and nonsensical dying man. So, as I was saying, in this book we become a part of an unusual mystery.

Let's start discussing the characters. Emmy, our main character, has some really great internal monologues, and she is also a writer, which means she thinks artistically. She is always making up scenes, picturing perfect scenarios and figuring out what would work out as an excellent best-seller novel. Having a lead constantly jumping between ideas is original, new and fresh.

Sebastian is my favourite character in the whole story. He is the typical smart-ass, posh kid who gets everything he wants and can get on your nerves very easly. He is also very important in the mystery, as he has a lot more to do with it than what we first think. He is the typical smart-ass who ends up being charismatic and loveable as well. I really do like him.

I could also discuss Emmy's formers best friends, Ben and Audrey, but I do not have much to say about them. I liked them, yes. But I prefered Sebastian. Actually, I ended up wanting Emmy and Sebatsian to become something more than the awkward colleagues they are forced to become in order to discover the truth behind the old man's last words. This last point meaning we do get some romance, but never get deep into it. It was really nice to see Emmy tying to put her feelings in order, so I am glad the author did not rush us into some insta-love.

What I absolutely loved about this novel is how fun it is. It is full of sarcasm and humour, and there is nothing  love more than laughing out lout while reading. In fact, I think we could call this a funny and original thriller.

Also... am I the only one thinking this would make a really good movie?

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that Dial Em For Murder is a novel for everyone, written with a very dramatic and artsy style that follows a really enjoyable idea full of humour and self-discovery.



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