Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Top 4 Book Recommendations: If you liked... you'll like... #1

Hello, little anchors!

I am bringing you this book recommendation post for you to find out about books that you may have never heard of and that are similar to some well-known books you probably have read and enjoyed.

Reviews for the books mentioned will be linked in the name of the book.

1. If you liked Alive, you will like Vatic.

Though these books are very, very different, I got the same vibe while reading them. That science-fiction story with a mysterious tone (creepy most of the time)... Not to mention they both are surprising and highly entertaining. 

One thing they have in common, for sure, is the strong protagonist and amazing secondary characters. I loved that aspect of both novels.

Both Charlie and Will made me feel the same way. They are such deep and real characters with issues that make you think. I was able to love them. I hardly ever get that feeling of knowing a character inside out, but in these two novels I felt tremendously attached to them.

They made me feel kind of protective. Their sweetness was heart-warming and I could not help but melt. They might not be the best characters, especially in Cut Both Ways we do not meet an angel of a guy, but still, you learn to love his flaws.

As I mentioned on my review of An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes, Paper Towns is very similar to it, yet less heart-warming. With the characters from John Green's novel, I laughed. With Randy Ribay's? I laughed, I cried, and I thought.

But the reason as to why I am recommending them together is because both of them take place on a roadtrip that brings a group of friends together, something that will bring their best out of them. Together, they find out new things, share secrets and help each other. And they are both hilarious! 

4. If you liked The Way Back to You, you will like Local Girl Swept Away.

With these two I just can not take it. If you like dramatic and emotional stories about losing a significant other, read both of them. Do it, now. Both stories include some bonding between the best friend and boyfriend of the missing person, which is made perfectly in both of them. Both novels contain a great character-development, as well as realism, creating people you can easily believe in.

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