Friday, 13 May 2016

Review: Every Day by David Levithan.


"A is no one, but he is everyone at the same time. He has spent his whole life living in different bodies, one each day. He has never had a problema with it... until this one day he can't help but fall in love with his body's girlfriend, and there is nothing he can do to stop himself from living a different life every day."

David Levithan is such an amazing writer. I admire his ability of building so many lives in just one novel, all of them so different and diverse... It's wonderful how none of the people he created for this novel are alike. All of them are unique, because that's how life actually is. I am so glad I decided to read this, because there is literally nothing missing.

The author has a beautiful and poetic way of describing everything. He definitely makes you stop in the middle of the paragraph to think about a truth he just happened to write. Because this book is full of quotes, full of truths...

Eventhough the book had some fun moments, I happened to feel lonely most of the time. I could really connect to A, and having the life he has must be too hard to deal with. I felt incredibly sad whenever he felt trapped. I also felt happy when he got a life he could fit in. I was frustrated by his condition. I was overwhelmed by the craziness of the situation. I was amazed by his loyalty. I was so many things while reading this novel, felt hundreds of different things, and that is why I think it is a hell of a great novel.

The diversity among the characters but getting to follow the same person throughout the entire book was very appealing. 

At first, I thought it would get boring, constantly jumping from body to body... but as pages turned and time went by, I realized that that was the key of the novel. Constantly changing sizes, sexualities, gender, nationality... and not really mattering, because after all, A was the same. We all are the same, no matter what.

Brutally spectacular.

A is a character I grew very fond of. Always trying to do the right thing, but letting his human side to do the wrong things at some points just to follow his heart, which is what happens to real people in real life. It is simply breathtaking how David Levithan took reality into a world of body-switching and made it look and feel so real.



  1. Hola!

    M'ha encantat la ressenya! Trobo que la idea de canviar de cos cada dia és súper original i ha de ser molt díficil d'escriure un llibre així! Tinc ganes de llegir-lo ja!


    1. HOLA! Moltes gràcies pel comentari, Aina!
      Un petó <3