Friday, 1 April 2016

Book Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman.


Mia and her family are in a car accident that threatens Mia's health and completely shatters her life. She is left with only one choice, a very hard one: To stay and live without her loved ones, or to give up and die.

With a passion for music, a caring boyfriend and a broken family, Mia will have to decide.

I wanted to know what the hype was all about, and though I get why so many people adore this story, I don't share the love and passion.

Yes, the story was captivating and definitely emotional.
Yes, the characters were brilliant.
Yes, the author style was good and strong enough to carry such a complicated topic.

I think the story was good and complete, but I was confused with the time constantly changing. I sometimes forgot the present part of the story was the one taking place at the hospital, because it was constantly jumping between there and past scenes (that were actually longer than the scenes from the present).

The music references are the key. You guys know how much I love music and how much it means to me... it's always great to read about someone as passionate. Though I don't share the music interests with Mia (I'm not really into classical music), I could really connect with the way it made her feel. Not to mention how important music was for her relationship with Adam.

The characters were really good and well-built. Adam was definitely my favourite: so sweet and caring. 

If I Stay is the perfect book to read in a cold and free afternoon, whenever you are ready to go through very tough moments (and tear up a little). Music, love, family, life and death all in a short novel by the well-known author, Gayle Forman. 



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