Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Marta's Bookshelf: Top 4 Best book to movie adaptations!

  • The 5th Wave. It was very respectful with the book, and though there were made up scenes and some others missing, it was very loyal to the real 5th wave. I was very pleased to watch it. However, it was a bit slow and the action of the book was a little bit off.

  • The Perks of Being A Wallflower. The thing with his movie is that I don't know if I like it better tan the book, It made me feel so much that I had to watch it in two separate parts. The first half of the movie was exactly like the book and it made me extremely happy. The second half was absolutely shocking and stunning. Logan Lerman did an amazing job as Charlie. I could totally believe him and see the character from the book. However, the ending was not clear. I watched the movie trying not to compare it to the book, and when I came to the ending I did not get it. Hadn't it been for the book, I would not know what was going on. Please, if you watched the movie before reading the book, or if you haven't read the book at all, could you please let me know in the comments if you understood the ending?

  • The Fault in Our Stars. I felt like I was watching the book. The actors made an incredible job and I was left speechless after watching it. Not to mention the cinema staff was waiting for us with a huge grin on their faces because we all got out with red swollen eyes... How nice!

  • Paper Towns. I do not know what happens with John Green's movies, but they are so on point! I laughed as hard as I did with the book. The characters were extremely well represented and it was very fun to watch.

This is it for today's Top 4! Let me know in the comments below if you have watched any of these movies and what you though of them. Also, share with me your favourite book to movie adaptations!

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