Friday, 29 January 2016

Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover!


Ben and Fallon meet on November 9th, the day Fallon is moving to New York. It's also the day they decide to meet every November 9th, until they both are ready to get in a real relationship. Meanwhile, Ben will be writing the novel of their lives, and Fallon will be trying to live her life the way she would have loved to for the past two years, after her unfortunate accident.

With no way of contacting each other, Ben and Fallon do what they agreed to. But, is their love strong enough to survive getting barely twelve hours a year together?

My favourite book by Colleen Hoover is Maybe Someday (I actually think it will never change). However, November 9 has definitely the most captivating, unique and special plot Colleen Hoover has ever created.

It was a roller coaster of feelings. I laughed out loud a lot of times, but I also cried an ocean of tears. It was, at some points, overwhelming and way too emotional. I hat to put it down and grab a tissue at least twice.

The main characters are really well built up (not surprising, Colleen Hoover being the writer), and they go through crazy character development throughout the entire novel, mostly because we get to see them once a year.

I found the "let's meet every November 9" thing really enjoyable and original. It is so well done that I do believe a year goes by between two November 9's.

Of course, as any other Colleen Hoover novel, it is written in a flawless poetic way that grabbed my heart and slowly tore it apart.

It made me feel so much that I went three days without reading anything at all. I guess you can call it a reading slump because of a great book hitting you way too hard, making it hard to move on to another book that soon.

Colleen has grown so much as an author, and it's crazy to see how much she's improved from the first novel she ever wrote, Slammed.

If this woman keeps on getting better, I am not sure my heart will keep on beating for long.

I have never been a fan of insta-love. I kind of hate when you can not see how a relationship gets built. I hate when in a matter of two pages, we have two complete strangers getting married an having three hundred children. November 9 has the kind of insta-love that makes me want to read contemporary novels, hoping to find some great insta-love not to be mad at.

November 9 has the most amazing insta-love relationship development my ever have ever witnessed.

Another thing I want to point out is how cool it is that Colleen decided to include characters from her book Ugly Love in this one. It was weird for me to see them so far away, if it makes sense, but i actually loved the feeling of both stories being connected in a way.

Also, the amazing Griffin Peterson made a seriously good song for the novel. Though, I highly recommend you not to listen to it if you still have not read the novel, because the lyrics are pretty accurate and I kind of figured out some things and twists just by reading the lyrics before the novel.


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