Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Marta's Bookshelf: Top 4 Fictional Boyfriends.

It was very hard choosing only four of my babies. But here you have them:

  • Ridge from Maybe Someday. We have a lot in common. We share the love and passion for music, and I love boys who love music. The lyrics he writes and the way he expresses himself got me head over feet in love in with him from page one.
  • Dorian from Throne of Glass. I am going to be honest: at first, I wasn't sure whether I liked him or Chaol, but towards the second book I was already completely on Dorian's side. He is simply very charming and funny. I'm also very territorial with him, so if you're not Celaena and you are trying things with him, I am most likely going to hate you.       
  • Conrad from The Summer I Turned Pretty. I will never get tired of saying how much I love this character. The first couple of times I read the books, my love for him wasn't very defined, but as I grew up I realised just how great and beautiful he is. He might seem cold, annoying even. But he is so much more and better than that.          
  • Levi from Fangirl. He is eternally cute. I want to meet him and just read aloud for him until we fall asleep. I am pretty gone for his cheeky personality. He is the kind of guy everyone seems to adore. I would introduce him to my family right away.
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