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Review: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner Book&Movie Review!

The Scorch Trials is the second book in The Maze Runner trilogy. If you haven't read The Maze Runner, I highly recommend you to leave this page now.

You can check out my review of The Maze Runner.


Thomas and some of the Gladers made it out of the Maze. But WICKED is not done yet. Phase two has just begun.

Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off.  

After all the hype I'd myself created about The Maze Runner, and after all the fangirling and obsession, reading The Scorch Trials kind of let me down.

It's an easily forgettable book, since I read it earlier this year and barely remember what happened in it.

I'm in no way implying that the book wasn't good; it actually was very whole and well built. I just think that compared to the first book, something was off.

It is true that I struggled my way through the novel. I found it boring at some points. I didn't find it as creepy and intriguing as The Maze Runner. There were plot twists and dramatic changes that I actually didn't really care about, so I didn't feel the need to go back to the book and read more. That's why it took me longer than usual to finish it.

I was disappointed, and that made me feel mad at myself. Even so, I pushed myself through the rest of the novel because I refused to believe that I wasn't going to like the second book after loving the first one.

I'm so glad I did. It wasn't the best book I've ever read, and I still thought there were several things off. It's nothing I can point out, though. It's just that something The Maze Runner had but The Scorch Trials didn't. It was frustrating.

Another thing that annoyed me to death was the new characters. I didn't enjoy them at all. I wanted Thomas to be with Newt, Minho and Theresa. I really disliked the new characters, specially Brenda.

God, I hated the chick.

Let's clear this whole who do I ship Thomas with thing. Up to this point, I was a massive fan of Theresa and Thomas and wanted them to become a couple. But when Brenda was introduced and some things happened with Theresa I was like nope. Now I'm a strong Newtmas shipper. God, they're so lovely and adorable. I really want them to be a thing.

With all that being said, I still enjoyed it. I don't know why, but these books are addicting.

As you all may know, the movie for this book came out in September 2015, so I again took my friends to the cinema to celebrate my birthday. 

Holy cow.

The movie, although it had nothing to do with the book, was a hell of a fantastic one. It kept the intrigue and everything developed very well. There was so much action. Things happened very fast and I was a bit lost, to be honest with you, because as it didn't follow the book, I didn't know what was going on. 

I thought The Maze Runner movie had nothing to do with the book, but The Scorch Trials was incredibly different. Hadn't it been for the actors and the title, I wouldn't have known which movie it was.

I just loved it so much. It made me want to read The Death Cure ASAP.

I honestly disliked some bits of the movie as an adaptation because major things weren't shown. But, as I get an adaptation cannot have the book as its script, I'll say that it was a great movie.

The interpretation was really good. I'm a big fan of the cast. Excellent job. 


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