Friday, 27 November 2015

Review: Vatic by Kev Heritage!

Thank you so much Kev for sending me and e-copy of Vatic for review.


Vatic is a Skilled, a genetically enhanced human being. The Company sends him to solve a crime and discover if Chen Jelinke, a very important scientist, killed himself or was killed by one of his colleagues. 

With time running out, not many chances of survival and a very peculiar team of scientists, Vatic must work fast to find out the truth.

The thing I loved the most about this book was Vatic himself. He is a powerful and charismatic character that makes you feel for him. I really, really was getting nervous while his time was running out. 

The story that this book follows, a possible murder, might sound very typical, but it is not at all. 

To begin with, this book takes place in a very special and different scenario. A very intriguing and nerve-wrecking one, without a doubt. The characters are all weird in their own way and you never really get to truly know them. However, the little things you learn about them create a good enough image of who they are. The thing is, you never know if they are lying. 

I must admit that at first I wasn't sure about it. I was liking it, but I wasn't sure I would end up giving it a good rating. My e-reader is simply not good at all. It took me an eternity to finish the novel because I was getting fooled by my e-reader! Imagine having to read two pages that only counted as one! Very demotivating. 

When I finished it I thanked myself for not giving up, because I wouldn't have forgiven me if I had.

The plot twist was amazing. I wasn't expecting that at all

When I was halfway through the novel I started getting hopeless. I was clueless about the mystery and nothing huge really happened. There was nothing I could consider as a sign of the supposed murder of Chen. It was honestly letting me down.

But then the plot twist happened and everything changed. I loved it. 

I have never read anything as different and unique as this novel.

Moreover, this book contains an important dose of biology, and I really like biology. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't or can't read Vatic if you don't like biology, because that doesn't matter. I just liked understanding certain things because of my biology classes. 

I really don't care about the struggling journey I went through reading this book. I'm rating this with the highest qualification just because of the plot twist and the peculiarity of the whole novel.


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