Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review: Looking for Alaska by John Green!


Miles is looking for his Great Perhaps at the new school he is going to attend. There he meets Chip, his roommate, and all his friends. Alaska, the pretty and reckless girl catches Miles' attention and changes him forever.
Looking for Alaska is the journey of a little group of young friends dealing with adolescence, guilt and grief. 

This novel is full of metaphors, because if there is one thing John Green loves, that is a great metaphor. I can't compare this book to any other, but I can say that Looking for Alaska is the combination of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. It has the adventure factor but also the heartbreaking twist. 


I had great expectations on looking for Alaska, though some friends had told me the book wasn't worth the read.
Well, truth be told, the first hundred pages or so didn't make me feel any different. It didn't feel like a unique book. It was the typical school story in which the good guy main character shares a dorm with the rebel guy with rebel friends that turn him into yet another little rebel. Smoking, drinking... The typical reckless school journey. That was until around page 140 when all of them are drinking and spending a couple of days off. They start playing the game best day/worst day and you get to see a little bit more of them. 
From that scene on things got better. It didn't feel like the typical story story anymore. It felt like Looking for Alaska. 
I loved how Miles knew so much about last words. I hated how much pain he felt for not knowing Alaska's.
The funeral scene is simply heartbreaking. "I loved her present tense". Miles' pain made me very sad because he never got the chance to tell her that he loves her. The Colonel stole my heart only to break it to a thousand pieces. The same guy who didn't convince me at the beginning absolutely broke me after Alaska died. It's like under the rebel guy mask he wears there is a sweet and tender boy who loves and cares about his friends very much. It was very painful to read how they reacted to her death, though a part of me melted at how tight the Colonel's an Miles' relationship got from the moment Alaska was gone. 
I already knew Alaska was going to die (I was stupid enough to spoil myself) but I didn't expect it to affect me as much. I was a mess when I got to the "After" part of the book. Miles' feelings felt too real to deal with them. They had kissed. They should have continued. But she fell asleep and then she was gone. The way he remembers the last moment they spent together, the way he refuses to accept the truth, the way he blames himself... It all felt real. 
The last prank they planned was pretty amazing and knowing it all was for Alaska made me very emotional. I didn't know I cared that much for Alaska until Alaska wasn't there anymore. 
When she was alive I felt sorry for her and her unfortunate story. When she said she smoked to die, I felt deeply sad. 
Did she commit suicide or was she too drunk to see the cop car? I am not sure. On her way to her mum's grave I think she was too out of her mind to even care about life. When she saw the car I guess she gave up. She thought she had failed again and she couldn't live with it. Maybe I am wrong and she simply fell asleep, but I think she just surrendered and found her way out of the labyrinth: straight and fast.


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