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Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas!

Heir of Fire is the thrid book in the Throne of Glass series, so if you haven't read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight I highly recommend you to leave this page now

You can check out my review on Throne of Glass and on Crown of Midnight.


Celaena starts a new life far from Adarlan, were Chaol had sent her to protect her.
As she deals with her grief and fears, she soon finds out that the king of Adarlan is not the only threat she will have to fight.

If Crown of Midnight was an explosion of fantasy, Heir of Fire is taken over by magic. 
A lot of new characters and scenarios are introduced and I found it a bit hard to get used to them all. 
We get to know a whole new face of Celaena and the world this series is set on. 
Romance is treated very differently and I felt like it was lacking at some points.
I gave this book a 3/5 stars because of the big amount of POVs this book is told from, and the fact that I disliked and found boring some of them.
Still, this book got me and I am very excited to get to Queen of Shadow and see what happens next... I really don't know how things will go.


Where do I even begin? 
I didn't know what to expect from this book when i finished Crown of Midnight because everything was going to change with Celaena's departure. 
I must recognise that I was expecting more. People always talk wonderfully about this third book, but I honestly found it the most boring out of them all.  
The thing that annoyed me the most was the witches. I really didn't like Manon and the Thirteen. I couldn't get into their story and that made me close the book whenever there was a new chapter from their POV. The only thing I enjoyed about that POV was Abraxos. He was cute and made Manon grow fond on him. He made her change and I liked her development. 
I found it eternally cute how Abraxos liked smelling the flowers.
I still don't get their purpose in the story but I guess in Queen of Shadows I will understand it all better. I hope.
My biggest struggle was my baby Dorian. I am so mad that he didn't get more relevance in this book. He only appeared when he was with Sorcha and... You know how I feel about Dorian and how badly I want him to be with Celaena. 
I didn't dislike Sorcha, but... I didn't want her with Dorian. Though, I loved getting cute Dorian moments. I just really, really love Dorian. 
I deeply hated Chaol when he told her that she could be queen. Like, NO, CHAOL. 
I didn't really understand what Chaol was doing with Aedion sometimes. I liked it very much how he tried to protect Dorian by not telling him anything. 
The thing I like the most about Chaol is his loyalty to his beloved.
Though, I hated how his relationship with Dorian was fading and how Dorian felt left aside. 
Aedion is a character I really enjoyed. I loved him and his praise for his queen. I hope he reunites with Aelin in the next book. 
The king of Adarlan is the most disgusting being I've ever had to read about. I hate him and hope a revolution ends with him. 
I was so proud of Dorian when he let his magic out in front of him in order to protect his friends. But I am really worried about him. Like, what is going to happen to him now?
God, that final scene was absolutely nerve-wrecking. 
I was actually glad when Sorcha died and I know I shouldn't because she was a good girl and made Dorian happy, but I really didn't want them to end up together, and death was the best ending for her. 
AND CAHOL TOLD DORIAN HE LOVES HIM. It got me extremely emotional.
Te next book will be chaos and only chaos. I hope they free magic again. That would be amazing because Celaena would be the powerful kick-ass girl she is AND have magic.
Celaena and her journey in Wendlyn was enjoyable. I really enjoyed her training and the time she spent with Emrys and Luca.
I liked so much how realistic her grief was and how hard she punished herself for the deaths of not only her family and beloved but all those innocents lives from her kingdom.  
At first I wasn't convinced about Rowan and his bad boy roll in the story. I was mad at how much things had changed that I highly disliked how much he reminded me of Chaol. 
But then things happened. I got to know him better and loved how much he had gone through and how similar he was to Celaena. 
Though there wasn't a clear love connection between them I totally fell for him and how he protected her. 
I really liked Rowan.
That scene where Celaena claimed him as friend was good, but when he claimed  her... AAAAAAAAH.
I loved reading about Aelin's past; her relationship with Aedion was adorable... an she had talked to Dorian! I'm so in love.
I loved reading about the night her parents were killed and how she had to keep going, leaving Marion dead behind.
Aelin's story is so sad... 
I hope things get better for her, I really do. 
And I also hope she realises Dorian is the one. Though, I want her to have something with Rowan, too.  
But please, please, Sarah J. Maas, give Chaol someone who makes him happy... and don't kill anyone. Right now everything is too perfect to be real.
Don't you dare hurt Dorian!
I don't know what to expect from Queen of Shadows... I guess tons of magic and some romance and emotional scenes. I am definitely not ready! 


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