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Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas!

Crown of midnight is the second book in the Throne of Glass series, so if you haven't read Throne of Glass I highly recommend you to leave this page now

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Celaena, the King's Champion, is working for the King killing those who present a threat to him and his kingdom. But her loyalty to the crown is tested in so many ways -if it ever even existed to begin with. When her world shatters she has to decide whom she is willing to fight for and how far she will go for them.

Crown of Midnight is an explosion of fantasy and magic. It was similar to Throne of Glass but very different at the same time. The fantasy takes over in this novel, so much that I sometimes found it hard to understand. Hopefully, some doubts on my mind will get solved in the next books.
Along with fantasy, romance plays a more important roll in this book. The love triangle is more defined -and I even decided which team I'm in!
The writing style is as beautiful and captivating as in Throne of Glass, and it won't fail to surprise you. 
In this second book the characters (who were already well built) become even more unique and special in their own way.  


Lets start discussing the fantasy elements, shall we?
Celaena is Fae! I wasn't expecting that at all. I never even thought Celaena could be anything other than human. 
Dorian has magic, which, YAY! I enjoyed so much his struggle and fear of his poor control over his powers. I really want to read more about his magic and how he deals with it while Celaena is away.
Mort was a really enjoyable character and I grew fond of him. Though when I first read about him I was like "are you kidding me" I ended up liking him very much.
About the Wyrdmarks, Wyrdgates and all those magic elements... they confuse me too much! I don't know if I ever will understand their purpose at all. I understand what they are and what they do, but still, it feels like something is off. Hopefully with the next books I'll find out more about them and fully comprehend them.
The thing about these books is that the fantasy world is so greatly built that I don't really understand it. Everything is so surreal and made up yet beautiful and whole that I can't take it all in!
The thing I enjoyed the most about this book is the love triangle. Celaena and her relationships with both Chaol and Dorian are just amazing.
In the first book I wasn't sure which one of them I liked the most but now I am sure it is Dorian.
I just melt at the way he loves Celaena in silence. He is so sweet and playful that I can't say no. It hurt me a lot when he "closed his eyes and let her go". I was like NO, DORIAN! FIGHT FOR HER!
But then again I like Chaol very much and I was very happy when him and Celaena started dating. Chaol loves her so much that he would do anything for her and protects her with his life. 
The royal ball in which Celaena is under guard is a fantastic scene, probably my favourite of this entire book. I was listening to My All by Mariah Carey and it fit so well that I felt as if I was in there. When Chaol asked her to dance with him... I loved that scene.
But the thing I loved the most about it was that Dorian was watching them. It broke my heart! 
I seriously hope Celaena and Dorian happen sometime soon.  
Nehemia is a struggling topic to me. Right from book one I didn't fully trust her, but in this one... I was so confused! I was surprised when she died and actually hoped she was still alive, but I don't know... There is something I don't quite like about her. 
After her death I actually liked how Celaena reacted and how things with Chaol dramatically changed. Though I don't think she should have reacted like that towards him, I totally get that she was full of anger and wanted revenge. Plus, that pushed Dorian and Celaena closer, and what can I say? I live for scenes of those two together!
I absolutely disliked Archer. I didn't trust him and when Celaena killed him I found myself enjoying it. Sometimes I did believe him, but I never put my trust on him.
So, at the end of the book Celaena is sent to Wentlyn to kill both the king and prince and I don't know why I feel like something will happen between her and someone. I am sure there will be romance while she is away.
The goodbyes part was actually heartbreaking. I was in tears when Dorian went to her rooms. It was very emotional and I hoped they would have kissed or something. 
The ending was very surprising (though I had spoiled myself reading the last sentences) and I am very excited to see how she deals with her royal title.


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