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Review: Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover!


Point of Retreat is Colleen Hoover's sequel to Slammed. If you haven't read the first book, PLEASE, don't even read the spoiler-free review since it could actually contain spoilers.
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Layken and Will are together and in love, but something (or should I say someone?) from his past comes back. Layken is left questioning her relationship with Will, Will is left hopeless, but still fights to get her back. 

Point of Retreat is an amazing book. Though there were a couple aspects I didn't like about it, I still enjoyed it so much. 
It's full of romance, tragedy, drama and poetry. 
It still tells Layken's and Will's story, but differently. Their issues from Slammed don't exist in Point of Retreat, and they have to face other kind of problems.
Honestly, I liked Slammed better because it focused on their forbidden love and the way they dealt with the whole situation. In Point of retreat they don't have that problem anymore, so I kind of felt like the forbidden factor was missing.


I loved the fact that this book is told from Will's POV. I really enjoyed reading their relationship through his eyes, if that makes sense. 
Will is such a mature and sweet character that I love. He cares so much for Layken and both Caulder and Kel. He is completely involved in his little family, and I loved it.
Layken is the main reason why I didn't rate this book with a 5 out of 5 stars. She got really annoying and childish, and I got tired of her being carving pumpkins the whole time. 
I also didn't like how frienships were brought up. Kiersten and Sherry appeared literally out of nowhere and already seemed part of their little family. I still can't really believe Eddie's and Layken's friendship because of the way they started being friends. It was very surreal, and I didn't really like it. Same for Gavin and Will. Since when are they that close to even call each other best friend?
I didn't like Vaughn at all. From the first moment she appeared, I knew she was going to mess it all up. I didn't like how predictable the following events were. I couldn't stand the way Layken reacted! I mean, I totally understand the way she felt but, Layken, seriously, listen to what Will has to say.
Eddie being pregnant wasn't a surprise, I guessed it when Gavin and her were quiet during a dinner they were all having together. After the car accident, I liked how worried Gavin was for Eddie and the baby. 
About the accident, I loved that scene and the ones following it. I loved Will's reaction and how he worried about Layken the whole time. I adored the way he took care of Kel the whole time. 
Kel and Caulder are as charming as in Slammed. I enjoy reading about them so much. Caulder's slam almost got me crying (he's too sweet!). 
Kiersten... I liked her, but I also found her annoying and a bit surreal. Though, I loved the butterfly thing. I loved her slam and the way she used the word. I really, really liked that scene.
The only thing I can say about suck and sweet is that I liked it very much and Will's sweet is probably one of the most beautiful things in the book. I also liked how Caulder used it in his slam.
Will's proposal and their marriage isn't something I really liked, again because of its lack of realism. I loved the very ending and I liked so much the meaning of the title of the book.
 Point of Retreat, what a butterflying great book. 


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