Thursday, 30 July 2015

Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas!


Celeana Sardothien is a famous assassin stuck at a death camp. Until one day, the Captain of the Guard and the Crown Prince make a deal with her: she will become the King's Champion for the next four years, and after that, she will be free. Under a different identity, confusing feelings towards both the Captain and the Prince, and with a Princess' help, Celaena will have to fight the devil... and become the Champion. 

Throne of Glass is a fantasy novel that at some points felt like a dystopian one. I enjoyed every bit of it... and I'm not even fond of fantasy! The characters are extremely well built. The main character, Celaena is a strong character that I loved and enjoyed so much. The love triangle going on was very good and confused me too (I didn't know which one to love!).

Sarah J. Maas has built an incredible world with amazing characters, and I can't wait to read more. 


Let's start with our protagonist. Celaena has become one of my favourite female characters out there! She is a very strong and powerful girl and I was surprised by how great she was against the other competitors. I loved that she was a very sweet girl as well, and the way she cared for both Chaol and Dorian. OH, those two! I didn't know -still don't-  who I love more!

Chaol is a very caring boy, and I adored him and the way he acted around Celaena.

Dorian is confused because he loves the assassin but he is the Prince.. and that couldn't work, could it? I loved every conversation Dorian and Celaena had. I loved when they played billiards, but I loved even more when after Celaena's final duel they lay together on bed. 

Nehemia is a sweet character who I never really trusted. When Celaena thought she was the one killing the other competitors I wasn't surprised because I didn't grow fond of her. 

Kaltain and Perrington annoyed me a lot. I hated Kaltain and when she drugged Celaena I hated her even more. How dare she! As if Dorian would want to marry her...

Cain was absolutely monstrous. I didn't like him at all and it shocked me when I found out he was stealing the other competitors' strength by killing them. 

The final duel was terribly great. The way Celaena acted under the drugs and every single magic element was mind blowing. I loved the others' reactions. How Chaol knelt next to her, and Nehemia saved her. Most of all, I loved how Dorian wanted it to stop but knew if he did so, that would be it. Celaena wouldn't be the Champion and she'd go back to Endovier.


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