Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy by Jenny Han!


Belly loves summers. She spends summers with her brother, her mother, her mother’s best friend Susannah and her two sons -Conrad and Jeremiah- at her house at Cousins Beach.
Belly’s always been in love with Conrad, but he never paid attention to her in that way. Jeremiah is very sweet and has always cared about her.

But what happens when summer comes and you have changed? What happens when summer comes and you are not the only thing that has changed?

This trilogy is my favourite YA contemporary trilogy out there. Jenny Han builds up incredible characters in these books. It is impossible for you not to feel for them when they feel so real.  I think the fact that you can believe the characters and their situations, and maybe even relate to them, is what makes the books incredible.
Truth be told, nothing really huge happens in these books such as plot twists. It’s just a girl’s life at a summer house and her connection with each character. But it’s simpleness what makes these books a masterpiece.

You will cry, laugh and eventually, re-read them.


When I found The Summer I Turned Pretty on top of a pile of books in a small bookshop I didn’t expect to love the book as much as I did. It was probably one of the books that got me into reading.
There isn’t a book out of the three that I dislike. I am so attached to Belly that I was truly in love with Conrad but didn’t know whether I felt something for Jeremiah.
Question: Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah?
Answer: Team Conrad. At first, I was more of a Jeremiah girl, but then we got to know more about Conrad and I just fell for him.
It’s Not Summer Without You might be my favourite book in the trilogy simply because we get to see Conrad, Jeremiah and Belly out of Cousins Beach and know them better.
Susannah’s death was devastating, but I think her death brought us closer to the characters.
When I found out Conrad had left college just to protect their summer house I melted. Conrad is a sweet boy that doesn’t let his feelings show too much, and even though he didn’t show it, he was in love with Belly.
Jeremiah told Belly he felt something for her, and after their kiss at the car –witnessed by Conrad- I realised how much I adored Conrad, and joined Team Conrad.
We’ll Always Have Summer is just mind-blowing. The amount of things going on is absolutely exhausting. Jeremiah and Belly are about to get married and what the hell! Conrad is in love with Belly, he can’t let her go. Now, that’s when drama happens. Belly wants to marry Jeremiah because she thinks she loves him. What she doesn’t realise is that her heart always has and always will belong to Conrad.
One of my favourite scenes out of the whole trilogy is Conrad screaming “I STILL LOVE YOU”.

I read those books every summer and I can honestly say: Well done, Mrs. Han.


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