Sunday, 5 July 2015

Review: Slammed by Colleen Hoover!


Layken has to move from her hometown with her mother and younger brother after her father’s death. Things are not easy for her. New school, new house, new life.
Right after she gets to her new house, she meets her neighbor, Will, the boy she eventually falls in love with. But things can’t be as easy as they seem to be.

After a first date, Lake and Will grow a strong connection that soon will be tested and forced to be broken. 

Slammed is a book I would recommend to those who enjoy a great YA contemporary read, specially those who like a bit of tragedy.
In this novel you get to know the characters so well that it’s surreal how real the story feels and how much it makes you feel.
This book contains a few surprises and incredible slam poetry that will leave you breathless


Slammed is an incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking tragic love story that got me from page one.
I enjoyed Layken very much. She is a strong girl and I felt so much for her that when her world was crashing, I felt mine crashing too.

Will is an amazing character and I loved seeing how he dealt with the situation surrounding him.
Kel and Caulder stole my heart. I usually dislike children’s appearances in books because they’re too often useless, just to add a cute factor to the book. But these two characters... I loved their relationships with their siblings and I enjoyed so much their friendship.

Eddie was a bit of a struggle to me, because the way she and Lake met was pretty unbelievable since it happened out of nowhere. It was hard for me to believe their friendship, though I ended up loving her.

The greatest thing about this novel is that you get to know the characters’ feelings through amazing slam poetry.

I think I will always remember page 51, where Will exposes his life through an emotional slam poem, talking about his parents’ death. It was the first thing that made me cry in the novel.

I liked so much when Eddie told her pink balloon story, and I really enjoyed reading about her life, when she tells Lake where she comes from.

Poetry is, without a doubt, the most important and amazing factor of the book. I loved the way Lake and Will said they loved each other at the end of the book. I think it was very unique.

Another thing I want to point out is how much I loved the teacher-student thing going on. I must say, I knew he was going to be her poetry teacher but I didn’t expect things to turn out that way. I enjoyed so much how well I could tell the difference between Lake and Will, and Layken and Mr. Cooper. I think Collen Hoover handled very well the situation, because you could tell by their actions if they were being their honest an true self or the one they had to pretend to be, but still remain the same character.

Layken’s mom is a very important character in the story, and though I got into the book knowing something cancer-related was going to happen, it all hit me pretty hard, specially Kel’s reaction and the way he handled the situation.

I felt so much while I was reading this book, that the fact that things happened too fast at the beginning of the book did not lower my rating. 


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