Monday, 20 July 2015

Review: Legend by Marie Lu!


June and Day’s worlds are very different. But then June’s brother is killed and Day becomes the prime suspect. And their worlds are not so different anymore.

In my opinion, getting into this book knowing nothing is the best way to enjoy the story.
I enjoyed the characters very much and the story was fascinating. It’s a very different dystopian book that deals with love, family, death and rebellion.

Perfect for those who enjoy reading addictive dystopian books with a great plot twist.  

Also, a thing I enjoyed so much about Legend is how Day's chapters were written in gold and June's in black. 


First thing I want to talk about is: Metias. We didn't get to know him much but I absolutely liked the character. He was very smart and I loved his love for June. I knew he was going to die, but I was seriously hoping to get a little bit more of him. The way he made June understand his message to log into the blog where she found out about the Republic fascinated me. It was probably one of my favorite moments of the book.   

I loved how confused June was about Day. She wanted to hate him for what he had done, but she couldn't help but like him. I enjoyed so much her struggle dealing with the whole situation

I adored Day and I loved how much he cared for his family and the way he was willing to risk it all for them. When I found out about him being a prodigy I was really confused and hated to read about the experiments he had to go through. I believed Day was Metias' murderer until June decided to investigate the case. I thought it would turn out as an accident, that maybe Day hadn't realized he'd actually hit his chest with the knife instead of his shoulder. 

When June started investigating the pictures of her brother's lifeless body, Thomas crossed my mind. I never liked Thomas. He was annoying and I didn't trust him. Still, the fact that he killed Metias surprised me.   

June's plan to save Day and his brother John left me speechless. I can't believe how smart this book is.

The fact that June and Day were only fifteen amazed me. I was truly overwhelmed reading how kids of my age did all they did. So, thank you Marie Lu for writing such an incredible story including young characters for the young public to relate to.

I related a lot to Day and his brother John because I would do anything for my family too. So, John taking Day's place at his execution made me feel a whole lot.

I loved the ending. Day and June together after everything they had to go through ready to find the sweet Tess. I would've liked to know what was happening Eden. Hopefully, I'll find out in Prodigy, which I'm planning on picking up really soon.


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